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7/13/2016 -- Visit with Scot Mitchell, the new CEO of the hospital.  Learned about his background, how he ended up in Cordova, and his plans for the facility including benefits and challenges.  LISTEN HERE.

8/18/2014 -- Visit with Emily Stolarsyck of the Eyak Preservation Council about the upcoming Wild and Scenic Film Festival.  More information at eyakpreservationcouncil.org.

7/??/2014 -- visit with City Manager about current status of city projects, and future plans.

3/7/2013 -- Visit with Gayle Groff (principal of Mt Eccles Elementary) and Barb Bunte (Public Health Nurse) about the upcoming workshop on understanding the adolescent brain -- including development, affects of substance abuse, and affect of violence. 

3/4/2013 -- visit with Barclay Kopchak about the upcoming Stage of the Tide theatre performance: content of the play, dates and times, plot overview, etc.

12/7/2012 -- Visit with Dave Reggiani, Executive Director of Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corporation about the recently released "Study Examining The Impact Of Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corporation On Alaska's Economy".  Talked about highlights, and reminded audience that the full study can be viewed at pwsac.com

12/4/2012 -- Visit with Theresa Keel, superintendent of schools, about the School District's 5 year strategic planning process that's underway, and the critical importance of citizen involvement in order to be sure that both the Elementary and High schools are headed in the right direction.

12/3/2012 -- Visit with Marita and Alissa Kleisler about the upcoming performances of "The Nutcracker -- Cordova Style", and also about the general health and well-being aspects of dance as a hobby and form of exercise.

9/6/2012 -- Linda Shepherd, Alzheimer's Resource Agency of Alaska, on workshops they'll be holding in cordova as follows:

Cordova Events & Presentations
Memory Screenings
Date: September 10, 2012  (3:00 p.m. 7:30 p.m.)
Contact: Linda Shepard 746-3413 or LShepard@alzalaska.org
or Jackie Ladd 424-2230 or jackie@eyak-nsn.gov
Location: Masonic Hall, 400 First Street, Cordova
Description: Do you have concerns or questions regarding memory loss? Stop by
for a FREE memory screening and consultation.
Caregiver Support Group
Date: September 12, 2012  (3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.)
Contact: Linda Shepard 746-3413 or LShepard@alzalaska.org
or Jackie Ladd 424-2230 or jackie@eyak-nsn.gov
Location: Masonic Hall, 400 First Street, Cordova
Description: Are you a caregiver or friend of someone who is living with Alzheimer’s
Disease or Dementia? Join us to discuss the possibility of developing a caregiver support
group in Cordova.  We look forward to your input and ideas.
Being a Supportive Friend for Those Living with Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia
Date: September 12, 2012  (6:30 p.m. 7:30 p.m.)
Contact: Linda Shepard 746-3413 or LShepard@alzalaska.org
or Jackie Ladd 424-2230 or jackie@eyak-nsn.gov
Location: Masonic Hall, 400 First Street, Cordova
Description: Do you know someone living with Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia?
Join us for a short presentation that will give you tools to help others who are living
with this chronic condition.

8/2/2012 -- Bruce Botelho, Mayor of Juneau and Chair of the Committiee advocating a 'yes' vote on Proposition 2, which would establish a coastal management plan for Alaska:  bruce@alaskacoastalmanagement.org, or 907-500-7925.  Website: http://www.

7/13/2012 -- Paige Hanson, Manager of Educational Programs @ Lifelock gave us tips on avoiding identity theft -- particulary the latest scams surrounding the Olympics, Federal relief for high bills, and stealth swiping of credit cards at ATMs and points of sale.

6/8/2012 -- Dr. Maryanne McGuckin, author - "Protect Yourself As A Patient - Know What You Need To Do For A Safe Healthcare Experience" -- tips on avoiding picking up infections and other undesireable conditions during a hospital stay.
5/8/2012 -- Tania Boughton, author -- how to help single moms create meals that are simpler and more nutritious, and avoid the trap of emotional eating (20 minutes).  www.eatinglightdoneright.com

4/27/2012 -- Nicole Songer of the Cordova Family Resource Center, along with the Cordova Public Health Nurse -- discussion of the 2012 Cordova Health Fair (50 minutes).  HOME PAGE

4/25/2012 -- Jacqueline Marcell, author of "Elder Rage, or Take My Father... Please!: How to Survive Caring for Aging Parents" -- talked about the challenges of caring for elderly patients, especially when dementia is involved (most of an hour).  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

4/24/2012 -- Susanna Marquette and Patti Kallander -- dicussed the 2012 2x2 Cancer walk, and the associated program that helps local families touched by cancer to receive funds to offset expesnes, as well as funds available for screenings.  FACEBOOK PAGE

11/11/09 -- Spoke with Patt Lynd-Kyle about her method for using scientific principles to "rewire" your brain.  She has a book and some CDs to help -- see her site at HEALREWIREYOURBRAIN.COM

11/10/09 -- learned about identify theft with a guest from LifeLock.  Visit their site at LIFELOCK.COM.  Plus, she told us about a site where you can get your credit report for free, with no strings attached, nothing to buy, no credit card requests, nada -- ANNUALCREDITREPORT.COM -- and if you stagger them (get one of the 3 reports, every four months), you can get a snapshot 3 times a year.

11/9/09 -- learned about DVDSFORVETS.ORG, which collects and distributes DVDs for veterans around the country.  Visit their site for details.

From Col. Valerie Thomas of the Bureau of Indian Affairs:

View/Download a pdf on resources to
fight Methamphetamine ("Meth") use

From Gay Wellman, our guest for discussion about Alzheimer's:

Our agency web site is www.alzalaska.org; Alzheimer's Association (National) www.alz.org, Alzheimer's Foundation of America www.alzfdn.org

Gay Wellman, Outreach Specialist
1-800-478-1080, #6
Cell: 907-259-3418

A link from our own "legislative watchdog", Denny Weathers, that you can use to do your own reserach on bills

Click the flag, enter the bill root in the "bill root" box and view/print out a copy

Thanks to Patti Bland from the Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault for joining Nicole Songer from our own Cordova Family Resource Center.  On, 10/13/05, We had a great discussion on domestic violence, and resources that are available to deal with this tragic situation.

Founded in 1978, the ANDSVA is a statewide coalition made up of twenty domestic violence and sexual assault programs -- and CFRC is one of them.

Learn more about ANDSVA at their website: 

Contact info for LifeAlaska Donor Services -- Alaska's statewide organ and tissue donor registry.

We interviewed Erin Hall Meade, FAAM on 7/27/05.  Here's how to reach the agency, and Erin:

LifeAlaska Donor Services
PO Box 231809
Anchorage, AK 99523-1809

Main Phone: 907-562-5433
Toll Free: 800-719-5433
Fax: 907-562-5333
Website: www.lifealaska.org (org stands for "organ" :-)

Erin's direct line: 907-273-3825
Erin's email: erinm@lifealaska.org

Almost everyone who heard the Terry Schaivo story was touched by the tragedy.  After we discussed her death on Town Meeting, the Illanka clinic was kind enough to provide us with this document which, if filled out by a family member, might help avoid such a situation if one should ever occur with one of our local families.

You can download the form right here --

On, 7/5/05, we interviewed Paul Krejci (pron. CRAY-chee) about doctoral research he's conducting on Captain Joseph Bernard, who was a resident of Cordova from the mid-1920s to about 1970.  If anyone has writings or audio recordings of the Captain, personal stories to share, or suggestions of people Paul might contact for more information, please let him know using the information below:

Paul Krejci
PO Box 80581
Fairbanks, AK 99708

(907) 457-8598


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