J.R. Lewis here,

It seemed that not everyone was in agreement with the way I run my "Town Meeting" talk show on KLAM.  So I felt a little self-examination was in order.

We conducted a poll in reference to a letter that was sent to me anonymously (postmarked 3/9/04, which I first saw the evening of 3/11/04).  You can still read it below and see what you think.

I asked you to look the letter over, decide if you agreed or disagreed with the case made by the authors, and provide me feedback.

Dozens of you responded, and helped to shape some changes in policy that will become effective on 3/15/2004.

Response to the letter regarding the issues about the show broke down like so:
    Agreed with the authors ----- 28%
    Disagreed with the authors -- 55%
    Couldn't decide either way -- 17%
Note that these percentages reflect only comments made in reference to my show -- they have nothing to do with the CTC issue.

You can see the new policy that you helped craft by clicking HERE.

Also, I wrote a point by point response to this letter, which unfortunately I couldn't send to the author(s) because I don't know who they are.  If you would like to see my "spin" on this, click HERE.

Thanks again to everyone for their help, and I hope you like the results that your feedback made possible.

March 9, 2004


This letter is being written by a group of people that don't agree with your Town Hall Meeting each day. This program has turned in to a destructive program aimed at individuals or businesses. This program is getting worse by the day, month, and year. You do not realize what it does to the individual, family and friends that are being attacked. It's like seeing a family member die a slow death. After being on a Board that lived through one of these vicious attacks, you are doing a disservice to the people and the town as a whole. Things are not better afterwards as friendships and respect are lost towards either side. In the times the town is suffering through, we do not need more dissention and conflict. We know you say that you are not promoting this and are neutral, believe us, it doesn't come across that away. It comes across as sensationalism journalism to promote your ego and station. I'm sure you don't want that.

This latest attack on the Phone Company has gone too far or should we say the straw that broke the camel's back. As usual there are vicious attacks by one group and the other side can't really respond because of the protected rights of those making the most noise. In this case, the people are union and represented by a very active, aggressive union. Having belonged to a Union, if things were as bad as these few people paint, the union would be pulling them off work and striking. How come their union is doing nothing? Maybe they just don't like their boss and have no legitimate claims and should just quit and move on. This is another railroad job by a few and being enhanced over your station. This letter that was sent to the community, where is the proof? He has stated to that he is there to get rid of management and take care of his fellow brothers. This is not what he signed on to do. He has told a lot of his fellow members that this is his mission. There are proper channels for filing bad working conditions, either unions or government, not over radio stations.

Please change your format and quit this type of radio, it's not healthy. We've heard that you are losing listening audience and that some of your sponsors are about to pull the plug because they don't want to be associated with anything that promotes negative when we are trying to save our town.

The return address is phony as we don't want our names out at this time, but will come forward and use your station to stop this type of radio in a small community. We would hate to see you have to endure what others are at this time and in the past and are still having nightmares over them. It's not pleasant.

So again, for the good of Cordova, STOP!