Show Schedule -- KLAM

(all items subject to change without notice)

ABC Radio Network News -- Top of the hour -- 24/7

5 minute newscast from one of the most trusted names in news.

KLAM WeatherWatch -- Immediately after ABC news, every hour

The latest forecast for Cordova and nearby waters. Also includes upcoming high and low tides, and any information of local interest we can fit in.

The Cordova Calendar -- Every Day -- 6 times daily -- approx. 6:10am, 8:10am, 10am hour, 12:10pm, 2:10pm, and 4:10pm

2-3 minute program brings Cordovans up to date on local events, announcements, school and senior lunch menus, birthdays, and anniversaries.

Tradio -- Every Day -- 6 times daily -- approx. 6:15am, 8:20am, 1:30pm, 3:30pm, 5:30pm, 10:10pm -- plus a possible bonus run in the 10am hour.

Classified ads on the radio -- ads also run 4 times per day on our sister station, KCDV. $10 for one day, $15 for two days, $20 for three days, or $25 per week. See the link in the left frame for the latest Tradio info that we've had time to post.

ABC News and Commentary -- Monday thru Friday -- 6:35am

One of America's most trusted names in news coverage and interpretation shares 5 minutes of insight

Focus on the Family (see website) -- Monday thru Friday -- 7-730am

30 minute show hosted by Dr. James Dobson that discusses family issues from a particular Christian perspective.

The Morning Report -- Monday thru Friday -- about 7:40 to 8:00am

Alaska news and local information.

On The House -- Monday thru Friday -- 8:10am

2 minute daily program offering helpful tips and advice on home maintenance and care, project advice and safety, and other ways to make home life better.

Marine Weather Updates -- Every Day -- 8:30am and 4:30pm

The latest marine weather conditions for nearby waters.

Daily Devotional -- Every day at about 9:10am and 5:40pm

A short program featuring local pastors of different denominations coming together to offer words of hope and inspiration.

ABC News and Commentary -- Monday thru Friday -- 9:30am

One of America's most trusted names in news coverage and interpretation shares 5 minutes of insight

Town Meeting -- Monday-Friday -- 10-11am as needed

Our live and local talk show. Phone lines are always open for Cordovans to discuss issues important to them, or open a dialogue with our guests. Guests are always welcome on any topic.

Swap Shop/Trivia hour -- Saturday -- 10-11am

Callers call in free classified ads about things they have to buy, sell, barter, swap, or give away; things they've lost, found, or just want the community to know about. The show also features one hour of live trivia. We ask questions, callers try to get the right answers, whoever has the most points wins a prize from one of our sponsors.

Here's to your Health -- Monday thru Friday -- 11:10am

2 minute daily program offering the latest consumer information on health care and medicine.

Alaska Sports Live (see website) -- Wednesday -- 11-am-Noon

Cordova's LOCAL sports talk program, hosted by Donald Kurz.  Features all sports from local to national/international.  Local guests are featured, including coaches and athletes from local teams, and callers are strongly encouraged to get in on the fun.

ABC News and Commentary -- Monday thru Friday -- 11:30am

One of America's most trusted names in news coverage and interpretation shares 5 minutes of insight

Shelly Palmer's Digital Life (see website) -- Monday thru Friday -- 12:30pm

Get the latest update on technology, media, and entertainment.

ABC's World of Sports -- Monday thru Friday, 1:07pm & 3:07pm -- Saturday, :07 past the hour, 5am-4pm -- Sunday, :07 past the hour 7am-4pm

The latest National and International sports news from ABC.

The World of Ducks Unlimited -- Monday thru Friday -- 2:30pm

2-3 minute daily program featuring hunting and fishing tips, product updates, recipes, and other information of general interest to the sportsman.

ABC Cyber Shake -- Monday thru Friday -- 5:07pm

Top journalists from ABC news, both radio and TV, share their perspectives on top National and world issues.

Coast to Coast AM (see website) -- Midnight to 5am, Seven Days a Week

America's most popular overnight talk show, and most likely its wierdest. Brings you the latest on aliens, government conspiracy, ghosts, the afterlife, and just good old fashioned end-of-the-world paranoia.

Seattle Seahawks Football -- All Seahawks games are carried live as scheduled.

Cordova High School Wolverine Basketball -- Most road games carried live.

Special Holiday Features -- Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, The Iceworm Festival, The Shorebird Festival, and all the other many special events throughout the year are highlighted with special programming on KLAM.

(all items subject to change without notice)