KLAM is Cordova's original radio station. It signed on for the first time on May 2nd, 1954 under the care of local broadcaster Chuck Buck. The call sign came from Cordova's reputation for being the Clam Capital of the World. Even though the big quake in 1964 destroyed the local clam beds, the name of KLAM is still a treasured part of Cordova's history.

Before we created KCDV on 4/19/97, KLAM played a little bit of everything. We had country, classic rock, hits from the 80's, and the latest from the 90's -- all mixed evenly with news, sports, and talk programming. It sounded better than you might think, but it was still a bit much for one station. Now KCDV features more of the newer music in stereo, and KLAM is free to focus on country and classic rock. It's a much better listening environment for our audience.

KLAM broadcasts at 250 watts at 1450 AM. Our range varies greatly depending on terrain. Some folks 6-7 miles from town have trouble getting us due to the mountains, others can hear us well over a hundred miles away over the open water. We even get letters from Finland, Italy, and other countries from HAMs who pick us up off the ionosphere skip. Wierd, eh?

In addition to country and classic rock, KLAM features a variety of long and short form news and information programs. We carry national news from the ABC Radio Network. This includes top of the hour news, daily and weekly sports, and other features from a variety of local and syndicated sources. Throughout the week, we offer short programs on money, health, home tips, the local wilderness and wildlife, community events, hunting and fishing, and other topics of interest.

Weekly long form programs (an hour or more) include a daily local talk show, and our hugely popular trivia game which can generate 600-700 calls an hour in a town of 2500. We also have a one hour swap and sell program each Saturday morning, and the meetings of the Cordova City Council are carried live as well.

Every weekday morning, we carry the Focus on the Family program from 7 to 7:30am.

We also have a morning show -- "The Morning Report" -- every weekday from about 7:35 to 8:15am.

Overnights (11pm to 5am), KLAM is Cordova's home for the strange and unusual in the form of Coast to Coast AM. We could spend hours trying to explain this show to you, and we don't have hours to spare -- so feel free to visit their home page for the gory details.

We offer a wide variety of seasonal programming too. We carry all the away games of the Cordova High School basketball team, and all Seattle Seahawks football games. When special holidays come up like Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day, 4th of July, etc., KLAM always has special features and promotions to bring the spirit of the season to our local audience.

KLAM has the ability to go live, on location for commercial remotes or important news updates. We can also simulcast such programming on both stations.

KLAM is a commercial station -- meaning we receive no public funds. All our revenue is generated through advertisers. Click the "ad rates" link in the left frame for a look at our ratecard if you'd like to see just how good a deal we can be. And if you'd like to drop us a line, feel free -- we'd love to hear from you. email@cordovaradio.com